ToolBank USA

Atlanta, GA (April 23, 2009)- The Alliance for Community Trees is teaming up with ToolBank USA to build upon the success and impact of the Atlanta Community ToolBank. ToolBank USA was created in March 2008, and is charged to help communities across the U.S. to start their own ToolBanks, and work to strengthen each ToolBank in the national ToolBank federation.

Franchising Opportunity
ToolBank USA is following a franchising approach to replication, but has resources available to support the first few pilots who are willing to serve as their test cases as they improve the replication model. These pilot locations will enjoy a degree of support including fundraising help to assure their long-term viability and impact. In short, they have the following resources to support the pilot cities:

  • Between $20 – 70k (possibly more, depending on the city) in operating funds.
  • Access to almost unlimited hand tools to build the initial tool lending inventory.
  • Growing interest from power tool manufacturers for a small number of pilot locations.
  • ToolBank USA provides the key resources for local ToolBank implemenation:
    * Transaction infrastructure- A web-based request form and a locally-installed PC application provide everything necessary to complete tool lending transactions quickly and accurately. Reports and receipts are autogenerated to maximize efficiency. ToolBank USA handles all upgrades and maintenance, allowing less admin time and more client time for you and your staff.
    * Knowledgeable training and support- ToolBank USA staff is ready to train your local ToolBank staff on ToolBank infrastructure, best practices, pitfalls, and warehousing logistics. Follow-up training and support is always just a phone call away.
    * Use of a trusted brand- ToolBank USA enjoys a strong, trusted, and growing national brand, paving the way to corporate partners and funding resources for your local ToolBank. Local ToolBank ownership fosters investiture, while carrying the credibility that comes from a program known for professional-grade resource management.
    * Benefits of national inclusion- Whether learning best practices from ToolBank USA’s online forums or taking advantage of volume tool discounts, your local ToolBank will benefit greatly – and help others – by participating in the national ToolBank Federation.
    * A collaborative culture, a proven model- The ToolBank is more than just a program- it’s a community amplifier with a commitment to partnerships. Seventeen years of success means you can benefit from lessons learned by ToolBank USA, and focus on what matters: your community.
    ACT members who are interested in championing the idea in their community, should contact Jared Liu, Director of Programs. Even if you are not selected as a pilot city, this may be something you want to replicate locally.
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