Tree Price Tag Campaign Meets Twitter

Kansas City, MO (April 6, 2009)- The Heartland Tree Alliance has a campaign to highlight the benefit of trees. It is called the Tree Price Tag Campaign, and it has now gone viral! One of the trees, the PennyOak, now has a Twitter profile and is blogging away her day.

The purpose of the tree price tag project is to make people in the Kansas City area aware of the many benefits that trees provide to cities in terms of stormwater reduction, improved air quality, higher real estate values (and property tax receipts), carbon storage, and energy savings. While trees are very beautiful, they are a vital part of the metro’s infrastructure, providing many benefits. They need maintenance and care.
The 135 tree price tags can be found throughout the Kansas City area throughout April, the start of many Arbor Day events throughout the metro. This month was chosen because most cities in the Kansas City area will celebrate Arbor Day during this time period.
The tree tags show a dollar value for the services provided by that tree over its projected lifetime. Trees are not nice extras in city budgets, but rather vital maintenance that actually saves cities money in the long run. Trees don’t cost us money- trees pay us back many times over.
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