Trees at New Natomas Community Rose Garden Part of Energy Efficiency Plan

Sacramento, CA (June 18, 2007)- On Saturday, June 30, Sacramento Tree Foundation staff will be on hand to celebrate the opening of the new Community Rose Garden in South Natomas from 7:30 am to noon. In partnership with the Natomas Community Foundation and the City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation department, the Tree Foundation will plant 32 trees at the South Natomas Library, 2901 Truxel Road, Sacramento CA, 95833.

The rose garden will feature rose bushes and other shrubs as well as 32 trees. “This rose garden will provide a sanctuary for visitors,” says Ray Tretheway, executive director of the Sacramento Tree Foundation. He commented that the rose garden was developed in part because, “there aren’t enough places to just stop and celebrate life.”
The trees will provide shade and compliment rose bushes along a pedestrian-friendly path. These trees are part of the Tree Foundation’s partnership with SMUD which offers free trees to parks, streets, schools and other public places in Sacramento County in order to reduce high temperatures caused by urban heat islands. Over the past 17 years, the “Sacramento Shade” program has delivered more than 400,000 free trees to residents, making it the most successful nonprofit-utility shade tree partnership in the nation.
In addition to providing much needed shade during Sacramento’s hot, dry summers, trees also help to clean the air and water in our region. While essential to the health of neighborhoods, trees can reduce energy bills by up to 30% and increase property values. For more information about the benefits of trees or Sacramento’s urban forest, please contact the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Find out how you can get involved by calling (916) 924-8733 (TREE).
For more information, contact:
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