Trees Atlanta Receives $1,000,000 Tree Donation from Select Sustainable Tree Trust

Atlanta, GA (April 10, 2008)- Trees Atlanta just announced a new partnership with Select Sustainable Tree Trust, a nonprofit affiliate of Select Trees in Athens, GA, to plant and maintain over $1,000,000 in donated sustainable shade trees over the next three years. Select Sustainable Tree Trust is offering $340,000 per year (wholesale tree value) in three to five inch caliper sustainable shade trees for three years. This tree donation will honor the non-profit tree planting group’s founding Executive Director, Marcia Bansley, and is contingent on matching donations to Trees Atlanta to cover the cost of proper installation and maintenance.

According to Chris Hughes, Vice President of Select Sustainable Tree Trust, “Trees Atlanta has had a very positive impact on Select Trees since our beginning in 1985. Even before we started to supply trees to Trees Atlanta in the late 80’s, Marcia Bansley was educating us about the benefits of urban tough trees. With passion and determination, Marcia and her staff were the first to cause us to really focus on:
* The loss of tree canopy in Atlanta and related adverse effects on the environment and on people.
* Criteria that define “sustainable trees” in the urban environment, notably long life expectancy and tolerance to stressful urban growing conditions.
* Specific challenges related to the proper installation and care of trees in the urban environment.
Obviously, Trees Atlanta has affected the evolution of the Select Trees’ Mission, to create a significant long-term positive impact on the urban environment with sustainable trees. Trees Atlanta has been essential to Select Trees’ education, growth, and success. We feel it is both our duty and our privilege to be able to support the very worthy efforts of Trees Atlanta and especially the incredible determination and vision of Marcia.”
Both Trees Atlanta and Select Trees have much experience with the extreme importance of proper installation and maintenance. The increase in focus on planting and maintenance technique has become even more critical during recent drought conditions. Hughes goes on to say, “Our association with Trees Atlanta over the years has helped us to formulate and attain the elements of the ‘Sustainable Tree Equation.’ This equation is: Superior Genetics + Proper Nursery Culture + Proper Installation and Maintenance = Sustainable Trees. Select Trees has learned many hard lessons over the past 23 years about the absolute critical nature of each element in this equation.”
According to Trees Atlanta’s Director of Development, Regina Clifton, the organization is already gearing up to secure the donations needed to optimize this generous offer from Select Sustainable Tree Trust. She noted that, “The City of Decatur, City of Atlanta, Arbormedics, and Arborguard Tree Specialists are already on board to help make planting the trees a reality.”
Trees Atlanta kicked off its tree planting efforts in March by installing 16-foot tall, 4-inch caliper Highbeam Overcup Oaks along East Lake Drive in Decatur. The City of Decatur assisted with expenses for the tree planting and three years of maintenance. Trees Atlanta will irrigate the trees with recycled water from nearby rooftops and air conditioner systems in order to comply with local watering restrictions.
Trees Atlanta is a non-profit citizens’ group, dedicated to protecting and improving our urban environment by planting and conserving trees and educating the public about the importance of trees. Since 1985, Trees Atlanta has planted and distributed more than 71,000 trees and engaged a volunteer corps of 3,000 citizens. For more information about Trees Atlanta or the collaboration with Select Trees, visit or contact 404-522-4097.
For more information, contact Cheryl Kortemeier at Trees Atlanta or Chris Hughes at Select Trees.