Trees for Tracks

By Kathy Keeney
Philadelphia, PA (October 8, 2009)- It’s a catchy name: Trees for Tracks. CSX’s new program sets out to plant one new tree for every mile of the railroad’s 21,000 miles of track. It could take five years to reach the goal. Railroad friends of mine were among the 70 volunteers for the Sept. 26th tree planting in Philadelphia. CSX and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society teamed up for the official launch of the program. Other partners in the initiative are City Year, a national youth service, and Alliance for Community Trees.

In city center Philadelphia, the CSX initiative transformed an asphalt playground at the Albert M. Greenfield School into a safe and green space. The school’s new green space at 22nd and Chestnut Streets includes 26 large trees, donated and planted by CSX. The volunteers created a living classroom that will provide an immediate connection to the environment and enhance the school’s science program, according to organizers.
Trees for Tracks was the brainchild of CSX and Exit10, its Baltimore-based communications agency. It’s part of the railroad’s Keep on Living Commitment, a coordinated effort that unites all CSX initiatives that benefit the people and communities it serves.
“CSX is committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and do business,” explained Tori Kaplan, director of corporate citizenship for CSX. “Not only does planting trees improve air quality and offset carbon emissions, but trees act as noise buffers, improve wildlife habitats and add beauty to our communities.”
CSX Trees for Tracks planting days are scheduled for Baltimore on Oct. 10, Atlanta on Nov. 14, and Miami on Jan. 9, 2010. Sounds like a great opportunity to meet new friends, get a little exercise and make a difference in some cities that are key parts of the regional and national rail network.
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