TreeUtah Celebrates National NeighborWoods Month

Sponsored by The Home Depot Foundation
Salt Lake City, UT (October 12, 2007)- TreeUtah, a local non-profit organization dedicated to tree planting, stewardship, and education; announced today that they will aim to plant nearly 9,000 seedlings this fall along the Jordan River Restoration site, located in South Jordan City. After ten long years of planning, construction has begun to re-route the Willow Creek stream channel to its native meander along the east side of the Jordan River, just south of 10600 South.

Immediately following the completion of the construction, which is anticipated to be finished by mid-October, TreeUtah, along with hundreds of community volunteers will begin planting the disturbed area with native willows, cottonwoods, and other wetland and upland shrubs species. This ambitious endeavor is associated with TreeUtah’s participation in a national month-long celebration, National NeighborWoods Month. Multiple dates have been set for volunteer plantings, and TreeUtah can use your help planting! Please contact them at (801) 364-2122 or visit for dates and directions to the site.
TreeUtah also has several other activities planned throughout the month of October in conjunction with National NeighborWoods Month and Salt Lake County’s “A Million Trees for a Million People”. TreeUtah’s Community Forestry Coordinator, Kendy Radasky, is asking all Utah residents to Start Seeing Trees and will be hosting a celebration at TreeUtah’s Permaculture Demonstration Garden, the EcoGarden located in Rose Park on Tuesday October 16th where local youth and community volunteers will come together to plant trees and companion plants to help expand the vitality of the garden. The EcoGarden is located directly adjacent to the Day-Riverside Library at 1575 West 1000 North, Salt Lake City. These events are part of dozens of re-greening efforts throughout the country being promoted during October, which has been declared National NeighborWoods Month by the national nonprofit, the Alliance for Community Trees (ACT). TreeUtah is a member of ACT’s NeighborWoods Network.
“It’s great to be working on an important re-greening effort at a time when other organizations are doing so as well across the nation,” said Jeff Ward, Executive Director of TreeUtah. “Part of our goal is to draw attention to the benefits that trees provide our community and the good work being done at the grassroots level all across the country to improve urban and community forests.”
“When these youth return in ten years, they will be able to see what they gave to their community,” says Vaughn Lovejoy, who coordinates the ecological restoration projects statewide for TreeUtah. The Audubon/TreeUtah restoration site is approximately 120-acres along 11/2 miles of the Jordan River in South Jordan City.
“Having local organizations like TreeUtah participate in National NeighborWoods Month helps us show the cumulative effect of a burgeoning urban and community forestry movement,” said ACT Executive Director Alice Ewen Walker. Founded in 1993, the Alliance for Community Trees is a national coalition of 140 nonprofit organizations engaged in urban and community forestry in 39 states and Canada. Its members are dedicated to grassroots community greening, public education, policymaking, job training, environmental design and other activities that support better urban forest stewardship.
NeighborWoods Month is sponsored through a generous grant from The Home Depot Foundation. “National NeighborWoods Month offers a unique opportunity for people to understand the contributions of trees to the health, beauty and livability of their communities,” said Kelly Caffarelli, executive director of The Home Depot Foundation. “By partnering with ACT and local NeighborWoods organizations like TreeUtah, The Foundation is able to further its goals of investing in the overall health and success of our communities.”
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