U.N. Environment Programme Launches Green Economy Initiative

London (October 22, 2008)- The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and leading economists are calling for a radical shift to a new “green” economy. The UNEP Green Economy Initiative, also known as the “Global Green New Deal,” was launched last week with an emphasis on investing in clean technologies and “natural infrastructure,” such as forests and soils.

The initiative emphasizes five sectors that it claims are likely to generate the biggest transition in terms of economic returns, environmental sustainability, and job creation. Those five sectors include clean energy and clean technology, such as recycling; rural energy, including renewable energy and biomass; sustainable agriculture; ecosystem infrastructure; reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation; and sustainable cities, including planning, transportation, and green buildings. In other words, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies are included in three of the five sectors that the UNEP believes the world’s economy should be focused on.
Within the next two years, the Green Economy Initiative plans to deliver a comprehensive assessment and tool kit for the world’s nations to make the transition to a green economy.
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