Vibrant Cities & Urban Forests Report Released

College Park, MD (December 5, 2011)- The Vibrant Cities & Urban Forests report was officially released at last month’s Partners in Community Forestry Conference in Orlando, FL. Bringing together the observations and recommendations of 25 experts across multiple disciplines, the Vibrant Cities Report presents a new framework for understanding the benefits of urban and community forestry.

Representing the passion and interests of urban forestry nonprofits and municipal partners, Alliance for Community Trees was honored to play an active roll in the development of the Report. Several leaders of ACTrees member organizations were among the 25 experts selected for the Vibrant Cities Task Force, which collaborated with ACTrees member organization New York Restoration Project and the US Forest Service to craft the Report. In addition, ACTrees staff participated in the Planning Committee that solicited nominees, selected Task Force members, and steered development of the project.

The vision of the Report is to “explore the implications of integrated natural and built urban environments and their possibilities for the future.” Building upon this vision, the Report examines emerging trends and makes 12 Recommendations that represent the culmination of the Task Force’s Expertise, covering topics such as Education and Public Awareness, Research and Evaluation, Public-Private Partnerships, and more.

The Recommendations are:

1. Create a national education and awareness campaign.
2. Foster urban forestry and natural resources stewardship and volunteerism.
3. Create sustainable jobs in urban forestry and green infrastructure.
4. Cultivate partnerships between public and private sectors.
5. Develop new public administration models for urban ecosystems.
6. Create comprehensive multi-jurisdictional Urban Regional Natural Resource Plans.
7. Integrate federal agencies’ green infrastructure goals.
8. Establish energy efficiency programs that emphasize the use of trees.
9. Ensure equal access to urban forestry and green infrastructure resources.
10. Support urban ecosystem-focused, collaborative research.
11. Encourage open access to and use of social assessment tools
12. Establish national Vibrant Cities Standards.

For a USB device or hard copy version of the report, please email your name, mailing address and affiliation to:

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