Volunteers plant trees at Radnor

By Stephanie Toone

Nashville, TN (September 19, 2010)- Thanks to the green thumbs of 100 volunteers, Camelot Road on Saturday morning began to look more like it did before May 2.

CSX, Alliance for Community Trees and local residents planted 75 dogwoods, sweetgums and tulip poplars on the Radnor Lake property as a part of CSX’s “Trees for Tracks” program, which seeks to plant a tree for each of the train company’s 21,000 miles of track, said Erin Mercer, spokeswoman for the planting project.

“They wanted to keep this area separated from the residential area with the trees,” Mercer said. The lake’s history is all tied up with train history. Louisville and Nashville Railroad created the lake in 1914 to provide water for its steam locomotives. The lake also supplied watering pens for when the trains shipped livestock.

In 1973, the state purchased the land and created Radnor Lake State Park. The 6.46-acre park lost nearly 100 trees during the rain and flood in May, Mercer said. Saturday’s project helped restore trees on the south side of the park. The road leading to the park’s visitor center was also damaged during the flood. Since the flood, 700 volunteers have dug out clogged culverts, laid gravel, rock and mulch to repair the lake and South Lake Trail, Mercer said. The road has since been reopened.

State Sen. Douglas Henry and Metro Councilman Carter Todd were on hand to observe Saturday’s restoration work. “The volunteers and CSX wanted to be a part of Radnor Lake’s flood recovery,” Mercer said. “The new trees will help with air quality, reduce storm water runoff and help cool the surrounding area.”

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