What We Are Planting: Trees for ReTree Nebraska

Rhonda Stansberry
Omaha, NE (November 16, 2009)- ReTree Nebraska is one of the forces behind the state’s plant-a-million trees program. So far, more than 80,200 trees have been reported, said Jessica Kelling, coordinator of the 10-year project that began in 2007. Here is more information about that program.

Does any tree count?
No. Qualifying trees must be planted within communities’ limits, on acreages, for landscaping or to protect farm houses and rural community buildings.
How can I add my tree to the total?
ReTree Nebraska officials encourage homeowners to tell Kelling of trees they’ve planted. Some of the larger garden centers and nurseries are reporting trees purchased, and to avoid double-counting, Kelling notes the location and any information about where the tree was purchased. Contact Kelling at 402-472-0220 or by e-mail at retreenebraska@unl.edu. You may also write to: Jessica Kelling, P.O. Box 830815, Lincoln, NE 68583. See Omaha.com for a link to the ReTree Web site.
Why a million trees?
Well, it’s a nice round number to work toward. “Having a million trees is important,” Kelling said, “but the total is symbolic. It’s a way to measure success but, more importantly, is about community-building.”
Who’s behind the project?
The ReTree project is a partnership of the Nebraska Forest Service, Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, the University of Nebraska Rural Initiative, the UNL Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Nebraska Community Forestry Council.
Is this the only tree-planting initiative in the state?
No. Similar programs include the Arbor Day Foundation’s three tree campuses (Nebraska Wesleyan and Creighton Universities and UNL) and the Chadron-Hill Restoration Planting of trees destroyed by wildfires.
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