ACTrees Peoples Garden Grant Helps Launch FruiTrees New York

New York, NY (June 25, 2012)- With funding support from Alliance for Community Trees, USDA People’s Garden, and the City Gardens Club of New York, Trees New York kicked off FruiTrees New York with the planting of four fruit trees in community gardens in East Harlem.

As part of its efforts to plant, preserve, and protect the urban forest, FruiTrees New York will increase the canopy cover and provide neighborhood residents with access to fresh and healthy food.  The public is also invited to participate in planting events to encourage environmental awareness and food literacy.

The planting goal of the FruiTrees New York initiative is to plant 65 new fruit trees this spring and fall. Participants will help plant the fruit trees while they learn how trees benefit urban areas, tree biology, fruit production and an overview of urban forestry and agriculture. Trees New York will also work with gardeners to develop a harvest and fruit distribution plan.

Fruit tree plantings include apple, cherry, plum, aprium, paw paw and serviceberry. Excess fruit or fruit unfit for consumption will be composted for use in the gardens.

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