California Campaign Encourages Investing in Trees and Green Spaces

San Rafael, CA (November 27, 2012) – A statewide awareness campaign has launched to encourage Californians to “Invest From the Ground Up.” The California Urban Forests Council initiative hopes to raise awareness and show property owners how investing in trees and green spaces is a cost-effective way to boost the value of their homes and businesses. ACTrees members got a special “sneak peak” of the program at ACTrees Day last month.

“When people stop and think about what makes a neighborhood great, their attention generally goes to the nice houses and good schools. They don’t often see that it’s the trees and parks that help make those places special—and valuable,” said California Urban Forests Council executive director Nancy Hughes.

“As the nation’s oldest urban forest council, we have long known that investing in these resources produces significant, measurable returns for communities, but most Californians do not. That’s why we—and our partners—feel this campaign is so important and so beneficial.”

The California Urban Forests Council’s “Invest From the Ground Up” campaign is funded by the U.S. Forest Service and CAL FIRE, and includes partnerships with the Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture and California ReLeaf.

The “Invest From the Ground Up” campaign will initially roll out in five pilot communities, which are in the process of being selected. In each city, the campaign will seek to partner with existing city, community and professional organizations, along with business owners and homeowners, to help show that when Californians invest from the ground up, they not only create and nurture great neighborhoods—they get back much more than they put in.

As part of the campaign’s education efforts, its website will collect news and resources about urban forestry and present them in a consumer-friendly way, aimed at building support for the care of California’s trees, parks and green spaces.

“In all my years working on urban forestry, I’ve never seen an effort to raise awareness and support for our trees quite like this one. It’s injecting a fresh perspective and a compelling argument into the public conversation about how to spend our resources,” said State Urban Forester for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) John Melvin.

To learn about how and why Californians should “Invest From the Ground Up,” visit  Follow the campaign on Twitter @InvestInTrees or on Facebook at

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