Can Trees and Nature Heal?

Annapolis, MD (June 19, 2013) – Six local projects have been awarded grants totaling $4.5 million from the National Nature Sacred Awards Program, sponsored by the TKF Foundation, that wil; demonstrate the healing power of nature. The projects hope to show how nearby trees and nature in the city can provide sacred and spiritual experiences. Each project will combine the creation of tranquil, restorative spaces in urban environments with rigorous study of their impact on users’ well-being and resilience.

Here’s a list of the six local projects:

  1. A Greenspace a Day — Baltimore MD-Washington, D.C.: Making the Case for Greenspaces in Urban Populations. Is there a recommended daily intake of nature that is vital to human health and immune functioning? Should we consume nature regularly, much like we consume specific vitamins and minerals? This project aims to answer these questions, and determine the extent to which nature should be a regular part of a healthy lifestyle. More
  2. Landscapes of Resilience — Joplin, MO and Queens, NY: Exploring How Nature Can Influence, Strengthen Restoration in Times of Crisis. More
  3. Measuring What Works for Healthy Green Spaces— Washington, D.C.-Baltimore, Md.: The Mechanisms and Design Elements of Restorative Experiences. More
  4. The Green Road — Bethesda, Md.: A Holistic Approach to Healing Wounded Warriors. More
  5. Naval Cemetery Landscape — Brooklyn, N.Y.: An Escape from the Built Environment. More
  6. A Nature Place — Portland, OR: Quantifying Benefits of a Healing Garden among Hospital Populations. More

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