Colorado Considers Fee for Residents in “Wildland-Urban Interface Zones”

Evergreen, CO (August 15, 2013) – Colorado Governor John Kickenlooper’s Task Force on the state’s wildfires is close to making recommendations, which may include a new fee or tax to residents who live in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI). These are areas where the built environment is close to, or within, natural terrain and flammable vegetation and where high potential for wildland fire exists. Revenues would pay for mitigation efforts.

Task Force recommendations will be presented to the state legislature as part of an on-going review of wildfires. As homes continue to encroach on denser forested areas present a higher risk, a special fee or property tax for residents living in the WUI, would address the cost of mitigating those risks. Any new tax would need to be put to a vote.

Residents who do their own fire mitigation could seek reimbursement, but this type of assessment would encourage more property owners to ensure taking the initiative to create defensible space around their properties. The Black Forest was the site for the most recent wildfires.

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Source: “Residents in wildland-urban interface zones may have to pay new fee or tax to protect homes