Group to plant 700 trees in 1 day on island

By Amanda Casanova
Galveston, TX (December 27, 2010)- Signs are popping up on island lawns in preparation for a program that will plant about 700 trees in five neighborhoods in one day. “New street tree here,” the signs read. The program, NeighborWoods 2011, will have volunteers digging into city soil on March 26.

After Hurricane Ike pounded the island in 2008 and killed thousands of trees, the efforts are necessary, said Priscilla Files, planting coordinator for the Galveston Island Tree Conservancy. “Ike was an equal opportunity destroyer when it came to the island and trees,” she said. “This gets trees back into the neighborhood and back doing good as far as shading and keeping down energy costs when they get bigger.”
The one-day event is scheduled to coincide with Texas A&M at Galveston’s Big Event, the nation’s largest one-day, student-run community service project. Last year, NeighborWoods planted 200 trees in the East End Historic District, which lost about 90 percent of the trees in the neighborhood.
This year, the island’s tree conservancy organization has teamed up the U.S. Forest Service and the city to put large and small trees back at the East End Historical District, San Jacinto Neighborhood Association, Silk Stocking National Historic District, Lasker Park and Old Seawall Neighborhood.
Bought with donated funds, the trees will cost about $55,000 and will be placed in city rights of way. Under the program, homeowners agree to water the new trees for two years. “This will really help us get along to our five-year goal of 25,000 trees in five years,” Files said.
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