Oak planting near Capitol opens 30,000-tree drive

By Debbie Arrignton

Sacramento, CA (March 7, 2012)- Sacramento celebrates Arbor Day with a special addition to Capitol Park – a new valley oak. The tree will be planted at 12:30 p.m. today by the Sacramento Tree Foundation to commemorate the group’s 30th anniversary. The tree planting also kicks off the foundation’s drive to obtain pledges to plant 30,000 new trees across Sacramento’s six-county region.

The valley oak – a symbol of the Sacramento Valley – was the perfect choice for a milestone tree, said Ray Tretheway, the foundation’s executive director. “It’s a native tree to our area, drought tolerant, strong and sturdy,” he said of the oak. “It’s also a very long-lived tree, which is appropriate.”

The anniversary tree will be part of the Capitol’s oak grove in the park’s southeast corner. The planting ceremony will be just off 15th Street near the World Peace Rose Garden. In partnership with Greenwise Joint Venture, the foundation will gather tree-planting pledges through April 8 at www.30ktrees.com.

The foundation has a head start on its pledge drive, Tretheway said. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District offered 5,000 trees to local parks and schools. The city of Sacramento plans to plant 1,000 trees; the city of Folsom will plant 1,500.

“Those will all be in public places- parks, schools and streets,” he said. “We’ve also had 1,000 pledged by neighborhood associations so far. The Lions Club plans to plant a tree for every member in the area- as many as 1,800. All these things add up. They’re really neat.”

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