Pete Seeger Leaves Behind a Song About Trees–And Our Future

Salt Lake City, UT (January 28, 2014) – Calling all musicians and tree lovers.  On the occasion of Pete Seeger’s death and in his honor, ACTrees is delighted to share the hand-written song he wrote, I Am the Tree You Plant©, for the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day. It was written at the request of Pepper Provenzano, an ACTrees founder and former executive director of TreeLink, which has since merged with ACTrees. Here’s the back story, plus music and lyrics.

Peter Seeger 1In 1994 Pete Seeger visited Utah to perform with Children’s Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City. Before his arrival, Provenzano asked the theater director if she would pass along his request that Seeger write a  special song for the 25th anniversary of Earth Day.  Specifically a song about trees.

Who better, Provenzano thought, than the international folk poet laureate of three generations? What better message than the simple act of planting a tree? What better time than now?

Pete Seeger musicAfter weeks with no response, Provenzano got a call and was soon on his way to pick up Seeger at nearby Alta ski resort. When he arrived, Provenzano describes “this snow-haired sage answered the door half asleep and said very little. After introductions, he retreated into a back room and emerged with two pages of hand-written sheet music, and handed me this song.”

“Songs evolve as people sing them,” Seeger said. “Use this song as you wish. The © is just in case you ever print it or record it.”

Titled, I Am the Tree You Plant©, Seeger provided both hand-written music and lyrics.  Seeger suggested that others add their lyrics and offered suggestions. May this song grow and spread like a tree as they both wished.

Download a copy of I Am the Tree You Plant©. Please send ACTrees any video of performances of the song. We’ll be sure to feature it.