Santa Monica Registers First Urban Forest Protocol Project

Santa Monica, CA (August, 2012) – The City of Santa Monica and Walt Warriner, Santa Monica’s Community Forester, had their submission accepted as the Climate Action Reserve’s first urban forest project.  The City of Santa Monica GHG Tree Planting Project will add 1,000 trees to the City’s urban forest and quantify stored carbon in existing trees.

The project goal is to record tree growth data for the purpose of measuring carbon sequestration by publicly-owned trees. And the City will quantify carbon stored in trees already planted using the U.S. Forest Service’s new Tree Carbon Calculator. The Project is in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service’s Center for Urban Forest Research (CUFR).

The Urban Forest Project Protocol provides guidance to quantify and verify GHG reductions from a planned set of tree planting and maintenance activities implemented to permanently increase carbon storage through trees. The protocol is designed for use by municipalities, educational institutions, and utilities.

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