Survivor Tree Back at World Trade Center Site

By Gidon Belmaker
New York, NY (December 23, 2010)- A pear tree that braved the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center was replanted in the 9/11 Memorial Plaza by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, city officials, and 9/11 survivors on Wednesday.

The tree had suffered significant damage during the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks but remarkably survived. It was discovered under the piles of rubble in October 2001, visibly in bad shape with dead branches and a blackened trunk. The tree was subsequently transferred to the Parks Department’s Arthur Ross Nursery in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, where it was nursed back to health. Whilethe tree was only eight feet tall when it was found in 2001, it has since grown to a height of about 30 feet.
“The presence of the Survivor Tree on the Memorial Plaza will symbolize New York City’s and this nation’s resilience after the attacks,” stated Mayor Bloomberg in a press release. “Like the thousands of courageous stories of survival that arose from the ashes of the World Trade Center, the story of this tree also will live on and inspire many.” The Survivor Tree will be among dozens of swamp white oak trees planted at the Memorial Plaza. When the project is complete, about 400 trees will line the remembrance site. Currently, 124 trees, including the Survivor Tree, are planted in the area.
“This stalwart pear tree is a living symbol for everyone who survived the terrorist attacks and everyone around the world who has shown strength and resilience in the face of devastation,” said Joe Daniels, president of the 9/11 Memorial Foundation. “I’m grateful to all of the dedicated people who worked to nurse this tree back to health, allowing millions of future 9/11 Memorial visitors to experience its beauty and power.”
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