Team London volunteer army to help plant 20,000 trees

London, UK (June 24, 2011)- Green and giving are the themes of new initiatives aimed at getting Londoners volunteering and making their neighbourhoods look nicer.

The schemes will provide 20,000 additional trees in the capital to create new green spaces, such as urban orchards. Half of them will be in the form of free tree packs the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is offering in partnership with the Woodland Trust. Community groups are being encouraged to reclaim public spaces such as churches, playgrounds or patches of unused land. The packs comprise three types of tree varieties chosen for their seasonal colours, fruit and potential to provide a haven for wildlife.
Meanwhile, the Mayor has announced the Londoners Love Trees consortium, comprising Trees for Cities and the Tree Council, has been awarded £250,000 to create volunteer tree planting programmes. Goals over the next nine months include training volunteers and helping to get at least another 10,000 trees planted in the city.
The funding is part of Team London, Mr Johnson’s vision to get more people volunteering to help tackle crime, increase opportunities for young people and improve the environment. Londoners are urged to register interest in tree planting by going to
The Mayor said: “London’s leafy suburbs and green spaces are the lungs of the capital. They help breath life into our communities, protect the environment and speak to our national yearning for the countryside. Increasing the number of trees in the capital is the perfect challenge for the army of volunteers I want to now recruit through Team London. This is a core part of my campaign to put the village back into the city and help make the capital a greener, cleaner, better place to live.”
The Mayor’s Team London Star recognition scheme aims to thank the many unsung volunteering heroes who give up their time to help others in the capital. London24 is the only place to nominate someone to receive a certificate.

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