Treetures Forest Nursery Nurtures Trees and Tree Stewards

Eastchester, NY (April 26, 2013) – Over 50 Daisy Scouts, Brownies, Cub Scouts and volunteers planted 300 tree seedlings during the 2013 Magic Treetures Forest Nursery in Eastchester, NY. Each year, after being nurtured at the nursery, the two- and three-foot saplings are harvested and adopted for replanting in the surrounding communities.

Treetures tree planting event 2013 #2Since the start of the program in 2000, trees planted by five- and six-year-old children have grown to over 10 feet tall and are now located in parks, gardens, and on residential properties.

Planting is done under the supervision the Almstead Tree Company. During the summer, the Eastchester Highway Department helps maintain the nursery and provides water service for the nursery.

Treetures tree planting event 2013 #3

Local teenagers dressed in Treetures costume character cheer on the children.

Each seedling has a Treetures tree marker placed next to it to keep it company until it grows large enough to be considered for transplanting. Children who participates receive a “Green Heart”sticker and a Treetures Tree Keeper Certificate.

The event is sponsored by the Treetures Environmental Education Program, and ACTrees partner, as well as Almstead Tree Company, and the Town of Eastchester Highway Department.

To create a Magic Treetures Forest Nursery, information can be found at

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