Acquiring and Managing a Community-Owned Forest

Baltimore, MD (January 1, 2009)- The Communities Committee is pleased to release a new publication, “Acquiring and Managing a Community-Owned Forest: A Manual for Communities.” This manual provides a guide for communities interested in establishing a community-owned forest, whether just beginning to think about a project or re-engaging community residents around land already in community ownership.

Creating and managing a community-owned forest requires the collaborative development of a community vision and mission for the forest, a commitment to sharing in the costs and benefits of that forest, and the crafting of a governance and operational structure that ensures consistent, long-term management for forest resiliency and sustainability.
This manual includes step-by-step advice on getting started, engaging the broader community, financing acquisition, and long-term management and stewardship, as well as an extensive, annotated list of additional resources.
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Acquiring and Managing a Community-Owned Forest: A Manual for Communities
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