Baby Boomers

Nearly 20% of the US workforce will be age 55 or older by 2015 – a big opportunity for nonprofits seeking volunteers. At ACT’s Community Tree Leadership Forum in February, we learned that baby boomers will bring their own generational attitudes to retirement, presenting a distinct target group of volunteers with particular needs and expectations.

Volunteers of America recently published a report on this group, and the untapped potential for companies to include corporate retirees in workplace volunteerism. 62% of Fortune 500 companies offer workplace volunteer programs. Companies are recognizing that to remain competitive, they need to find new ways to continue to work with these young retirees. Providing flexible part-time and contract work as well as alumni volunteer programs are some of the ways companies will retain talent from this influential generation.
Expanding the Boundaries for Corporate Volunteerism is available by free subscription. The site contains a variety of reports that study trends in corporate voluneerism and social responsibility.
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