California Health Interview Survey 2005 Data

The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is the largest state health survey and one of the largest health surveys in the United States. Data from the 2005 CHIS is now available. CHIS data on asthma rates and other health issues may be useful to environmental advocates. Asthma prevalence measures from the 2005 CHIS data show that 1 in 6 children has been diagnosed with asthma, up from 1 in 7 in 2003.

CHIS survey data provides statewide health information on the overall population including many racial and ethnic groups. It also includes local-level information on most counties and represents the geographic diversity of California, and the available multi-language interviews accommodate the state’s rich ethnic diversity.
The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) now offers data from the 2005 cycle of CHIS, including nearly one hundred of the most frequently used CHIS topics. Additional waves of data variables will be released during 2007.
For more information, visit the California Health Interview Survey.