City Trees Sustainability Guidelines and Best Practices

Minneapolis, MN (August 20, 2007)- This publication was created by Tree Trust, a Minnesota nonprofit, and Bonestroo, a Minnesota planning and engineering firm, to better institutionalize codes and standards for designing communities with trees. These guidelines will help organizations integrate urban forestry goals with urban development projects.

The focus of these guidelines is to develop the best ways to mitigate global warming by planting trees to sequester and store carbon and integrate trees for stormwater management and water quality. Planting trees is easily understood and widespread, and the best practices presented here introduce green building and sustainable design practices to a site. The guidelines and best practices are applicable to many different types of communities ranging from ultra urban environments to small communities, and encompass many different project types and locations.
For municipalities and organizations who adopt the guidelines to assist in shaping the development of their communities, a point system has been provided for use in assessing credit compliance.
The project included expertise from various specialists and professionals throughout the country, and was made possible by The Home Depot Foundation’s support of the Minneapolis Hawthorne Eco Village project. Other supporters includes: The Hawthorne Eco Village supporters: Family Housing Fund, Northside Home Fund, Enterprise, LISC, Minnesota Green Communities, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board/Forestry, Green Institute, Hennepin County, Rebuilding Together, Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, Mayor R.T. Rybak, and the Minneapolis Tree Advisory Commission.
Feel free to integrate the City Trees Sustainability Guidelines and Best Practices into your work, share them with members of your organizations, and embrace them so that trees truly become part of a community’s infrastructure. They are intended to perpetuate new policies and criteria and create new strategies to design and develop with trees. How we create our communities is how we ultimately define our legacy. Trees and people need each other to have a truly “livable” organic community.
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