Climate Action Reserve Draft Forest Project Protocol

Davis, CA (June 2, 2009)- The Climate Action Reserve is pleased to release the final draft of the Forest Project Protocol Version 3.0. Since the current Forest Project Protocol was adopted in November 2007, the Climate Action Reserve has worked closely with stakeholders, forest experts, environmental organizations, and government agencies to update, improve and expand the protocol.

The Forest Project Protocol is being updated to:
* Improve guidance for calculations
* Better address issues of leakage, permanence, and baseline estimation
* Incorporate harvested wood products carbon accounting
* Improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of methods
The first draft update to the protocol was released for public comment in December 2008, and the subsequent public comment period ended in February 2009. The final draft version of the updated Forest Project Protocol incorporates several changes to the December 2008 draft. The second public comment period ended in May 2009 which addressed the changes made from the December 2008 draft to the final draft released in April 2009.
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