Community and Urban Forest Inventory and Management Program

By Norman H. Pillsbury and Samantha J. Gill
San Luis Obispo, CA (March 1, 2003)- This study was conducted to help communities manage their urban forests specifically in relation to the potential use of woody biomass rather than the more traditional and costly practice of disposal. The result is the Community and Urban Forest Inventory and Management program (CUFIM), an Excel-based computer program that gives urban foresters control over their tree inventory. It also allows options for determining volume of anticipated tree removals and estimates of their dollar value. The idea is that communities can market their biomass for wood products and show an income from the woody resource rather than only a cost for maintenance and disposal.

This program allows users to store and maintain up to 500 tree species and 50,000 tree records. Each record contains the following fields: Tree sequence number, tree record number, species code, removal status, species name, species group, tree DBH, tree height, tree volume including a breakdown of volume by branch diameter size, and 10 user-defined variables.
Each species that is added to the database is also assigned a species group code. This is used to calculate tree volume information. CUFIM comes with 19 built-in species groups with standard volume coefficients, and allows for a total of 50 species with local volume coefficients.
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