Community Trees: A Living Investment DVD Promotes the Value of Trees in Communities

By Sandy Fosbroke
Washington, DC (March 18, 2009)- There is a great need for tools to engage communities in how best to manage their urban tree resource. To help meet this need, the U.S. Forest Service, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry worked with State partners to develop, “Community Trees: A Living Investment.” This high-resolution DVD series promotes the value of trees in our lives and in our communities using validated scientific research and citizen testimonials to help educate those who can make a difference.

This series targets three specific audiences: citizens, community advocates, and decisionmakers, all of whom can generate support for tree planting, tree care, and educational programs. Building stronger tree care programs will ensure that urban and community forests are as healthy and well managed as possible so they can continue to provide benefits for generations to come.
Each video targets a specific audience.
* The 2-minute video feature helps decisionmakers understand the benefits of community trees so they can use this information to make a valid argument for supporting tree care programs.
* The 6-minute video targets community tree advocates to expand their depth of understanding about how trees impact property values, save energy, and make communities more livable. It emphasizes that these benefits are greatest in communities that manage their trees.
* The 20-minute video is intended for a more general audience. Scientists explain how trees provide benefits in more detail, and citizens speak on a more personal level about how trees have improved their lives and the livelihood of their communities.
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Community Trees: A Living Investment DVD Promotes the Value of Trees in Communities