Connecting Metro Green for Resilient Cities

Washington, DC (February 9, 2008)- Cities are essentially economic entities that are made up of the buildings on a landscape. The most successful cities have a system interconnected parks, walkable tree lined streets and other open spaces that help animate it and provide a unique sense of place. These welcoming green spaces play a key role in making cities lovable, and great places to live.

This session will open with a discussion of ten case studies of U.S. and Canadian cities paired for comparative analysis-Toronto and Chicago, Calgary and Denver, and Vancouver and Portland among them.
Erickson will discuss: the motivations and objectives for connecting open spaces across metropolitan areas; how open-space networks have been successfully created; the lessons, lessons learned and what is left to do.
Peter will discuss: the importance of building political support for the department of parks and recreation so that they are real players in local smart growth efforts: how citizen activists can strengthen their relationships with local departments of parks and recreation; finding new opportunities for parks including brownfields and freeway parks.
Heather will discuss how to create and implement compelling place-based grass roots visions opportunities and identifying who needs to be at the table.
Susan Mockenhaupt, National Program Manager, Urban & Community Forestry Program, U.S. Forest Service
Peter Harnik, Director City Park Excellence, Trust for Public Land
Heather Mann, Executive Director, Center for Resilient Cities, Madison, WI
Donna Erickson, author and private consultant
About New Partners for Smart Growth
The 2008 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference in Washington, DC, hosted attendance of more than 1300 people from across the country for three full days of presentations, discussions, and information sharing. The conference was produced by the Local Government Commission (LGC), with support from a very impressive and multi-disciplinary group of partners and sponsoring organizations, agencies and companies.
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