Edens Lost & Found

This four-hour PBS series showcases extraordinary stories of environmental rebirth in four very different American cities.

Each one-hour program examines the unique environmental, economic and social issues that each of these great cities face. Interviews with citizen activists, politicians, urban planners, and urbanites reveal how passion combined with innovative strategies can address the widespread problems facing many of America’s urban environments today. While these citizen activitists and politicians come from different parts of the U.S. they share a common approach. It’s called Sustainable Development.
TreePeople, our ACT member in Los Angeles, is a big part of the LA episode. The series integrates urban forestry, the role of parks, watershed protection, sustainable design, and green building.
Episode One: Chicago, City of the Big Shoulders, airs around May 18.
Episode Two: Philadelphia, the Holy Experiment, airs around May 25.
Episode Three: Los Angeles, Dream a Different City airs Fall 2006.
Episode Four: Seattle, The Future is Now airs Fall 2006.
Check your local listings for the date and time of airing in your market.
If your station has not scheduled Edens Lost, call and ask them to.
Host a local screening of Edens Lost as a fundraiser or awareness builder for your organization.