How Businesses Can Integrate Ecosystem Services Into Performance Systems

By Suzanne Ozment

Washington, DC (February 15, 2012)- Today, many managers want to know how ecosystem service considerations can be integrated into business performance systems. This issue is addressed in the World Resources Institute’s new report, Nature in Performance, a guide that helps business managers incorporate ecosystem service considerations into environmental management systems, sustainability reporting, and other performance systems.

Nature in Performance responds to this need by describing:

  • The business value of ecosystem services
  • Simple methods to assess how ecosystem services impact corporate performance
  • Basic principles for integrating ecosystem service considerations into business performance systems
  • Specific guidance on when and how to insert ecosystem services considerations into ISO-14001 compliant environmental management systems, as well as into sustainability reporting procedures conforming to the Global Reporting Initiative
  • A list of resources for additional guidance and reference

The confluence of climate change, ecosystem degradation, population growth, and rapid economic development in many regions demonstrates that the business conditions of the past half-century will not be the same as those of the next. For businesses to be prepared, they increasingly will need to account for nature in performance.

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