Hyattsville’s Trees Benefit The Bay, Save On Energy Bills And Mitigate Global Warming

Hyattsville, MD (October 29, 2007)- The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Forest Service recently completed a study of Hyattsville’s 2,900 roadside trees. The total annual value of benefits provided by the trees equals $281,389. Each individual tree contributes $96.30 in annual benefits and $18.53 in annual benefits per capita. The study utilized the USDA Forest Service iTREE software.

“Trees not only mitigate greenhouse gases, improve stormwater quality, lower emissions by reducing energy use and improve air quality, but they do all of these things at the same time,” said Michael F. Galvin, DNR Urban Forestry Supervisor. “No other environmental mitigation device provides these multiple benefits, in addition to others like aesthetics and wildlife habitat. Improving the condition and extent of tree canopy in urban areas is vital to community livability as our cities grow.”
The study aims to help Hyattsville plan for future tree plantings and develop its Urban Tree Canopy Plan and found that Hyattsville’s roadside trees provide many valuable ecosystem services to city residents including:
* Stormwater management control by intercepting 10.5 million gallons of rainfall annually at a value of $104,818
* Energy savings by reducing the needs for heating and cooling by 310 MWh of electricity and 10,625 therms of natural gas annually at a value of $44,944
* Annual sequestration and reduction of over 1.1 million pounds of carbon at a value of $8,428
* Air quality improvement by annual reduction of over 500 pounds of smog (ozone) and 500 pounds of soot (particulate matter) at a value of $2,706
View the full Tree Benefits Report.
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