Millions of US Workers Stand to Gain from Green Industries

Washington, DC (June 3, 2008)- A report released by a coalition of conservation and labor groups claims that workers at every skill level will be in high demand and enjoy greater job security in those key industries essential to building a clean energy economy in America and fighting global warming. The report, “Job Opportunities for the Green Economy,” takes a state-by-state look at existing jobs skills across a wide range of occupations and income levels that would benefit from America’s transition towards a clean energy economy. The report quantifies the number of workers who can apply their skills to six categories of green industries-building retrofits, mass transit, fuel-efficient automobiles, wind power, solar power, and cellulosic biomass fuels.

The report says hundreds of thousands of workers in the United States already possess the vast majority of skills and occupations necessary to reduce global warming and make the shift to a clean energy economy. Van Jones, founder and president of Green for All, said, “This report demonstrates that given the right strategies, green jobs can be the engine that allows us to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift a lot of people out of poverty. With good policies and strong investments that prepare people who most need work for the work that most needs to be done, green jobs can fight poverty and global warming pollution at the same time.”
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