Nonprofit Website Satisfaction Increases Donations, Volunteering, and Loyalty

Ann Arbor, MI (May 2, 2009)- Visitors to nonprofit websites are more likely to donate money, volunteer time, and recommend the organization to others if they are satisfied with their online experience, a new report from ForeSee Results finds.

Using the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index methodology, the report found that highly satisfied nonprofit Web site visitors are 49 percent more likely to donate money to a nonprofit, 38 percent are more likely to volunteer, and 66 percent are more likely to use the site instead of a costlier channel as a primary resource. However, nearly a third of respondents chose not to give online because of poor Web site functionality, suggesting that functionality should be a top priority for nonprofits looking to improve their sites, followed by resource allocation, security, and error messaging.
The report also found that nonprofit sites have significant room for improvement. In aggregate, they scored only a 73 on the report’s 100-point scale, below many other industries, including online banking (83), e-retailing (74), e-government (74), and automotive Web sites (78).
“Between President Obama’s well-publicized call to serve and his recent support of the Serve America Act, nonprofits are receiving a lot of attention and interest,” said ForeSee Results president and CEO Larry Freed. “This study shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that nonprofit Web sites have long been underestimated and misunderstood and actually have tremendous power and influence over donor and volunteer behavior.”
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