Opportunity Knocks 2008/2009 Wage and Benefit Report

Atlanta, GA (September 1, 2009)- How do you determine competitive nonprofit salaries for recruiting new employees and retaining prized talent? How does your organization’s benefits compare to nonprofits of similar size and location? The Opportunity Knocks 2008/2009 National Nonprofit Wage and Benefit Report helps not only determine equitable and attractive salaries, but also assists in making a range of human resource decisions that can affect your organization’s ability to attract and keep employees, thus enabling you to pursue and fulfill your nonprofit’s mission.

This national report uniquely provides data on titles ranging from Executive Director through Receptionist, which enables organizations to see information beyond the top positions that are typically analyzed in state by state surveys. Another key and unique feature in comparison to other salary reports currently available is to the ability to review title and benefit data by geographic location and budget size.
The goal of this report is to help:
* Support and validate salary and benefits adjustments and updates for current management and staff
* Evaluate your organization’s jobs, wages and benefits, based on varying internal benchmarks
* Determine competitive base salaries for recruiting new employees based on your size and location
* Set staffing levels
* Compare your current health insurance, disability, retirement and other programs with those of similar organizations
* Research innovative and alternative benefit options
Opportunity Knocks conducted its own survey for this report to provide comprehensive salary and benefit information from 2,886 organizations. While intended primarily to help nonprofits assess the competitiveness of their current wage and benefit programs, this data can also be extremely valuable for other key personnel and management programs throughout the organization.
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