Physicians Say Climate Change Already Affecting Human Health

Washington, DC (April 7, 2008)- A report by Doctors for the Environment Australia, entitled “Climate Change Health Check 2020,” predicts a growing incidence of heat stress, heat-related illness and trauma from extreme weather changes and infectious diseases. Co-author Dr. Graeme Horton says climate change is already a reality and is set to become a key challenge for the health system over the coming decade. Horton said, “Clearly, climate change will place our health system under increasing stress, and as always the elderly, children and the vulnerable will be hardest hit.”

Impacts on health listed in the report include an increased incidence of allergic disease, food poisoning and mosquito-transmitted diseases, such as Dengue fever and Ross River virus. Dr. Grant Blashki of the University of Melbourne’s Department of General Practice said, “Effective health strategies will require strong collaboration between government, health professionals and the community sector.”
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