Plan Smart, Rethinking Green

Albuquerque, NM (August 13, 2009)- New Mexico’s Urban and Community Forestry Program has released a new tool kit titled, Helping New Mexico Community Leaders Maximize the Benefits from Trees. Developed by green professionals, municipal leadership, and natural resource organizations across New Mexico, the “Plan Smart, Rethinking Green” Tool Kit helps community leaders develop sustainable green initiatives and programs that address local issues and priorities.

Use the tool kit to make your community better by recognizing opportunities for: New strategies and concepts, Funding, Community Engagement, and Information and resources available in New Mexico and across the country.
Here are the resources:
SmartCard– Use this evaluation tool to assess your community’s green planning decisions and identify how you can make your community better. Submit your completed form and we will help you develop a plan and locate tools, resources, and funding opportunities.
The Tool Kit– Use this tool kit to learn about the benefits that trees can bring to your community. This resource provides you with information that you need to know, examples of New Mexico Communities getting it done, what you can do, and where you can get help. Copies are available upon request.
Fact Sheets- for increasing community awareness:
* Living Smart
* Planning Smart
* Communicate Smart
* Water Smart
For more information about this project and other programs offered by New Mexico’s Urban and Community Forestry Program, contact Lance Davisson, Program Manager at 505-476-3332.