Portland neighborhoods write the book on sustainability

By Eric Mortenson, The Oregonian
Portland, OR (July 3, 2009)- Sustainability begins at home, too- or at least in the neighborhood. Southeast Uplift, a coalition of 20 neighborhood associations in southeast Portland, has teamed up with Portland State University students to produce a Neighborhood Climate Action Planning Handbook. The document, filled with block-level examples, is intended to be a resource for neighborhood groups interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

The booklet, “Southeast Sustainability,” tells how to take action on issues such as energy and land use, mobility, waste, urban forestry and stormwater management. It was developed by Southeast Uplift and C Change Consultants, a group of six graduate students from Portland State University’s Urban and Regional Planning Department.
Although produced by southeast neighborhood groups and containing examples specific to that area of Portland, the booklet is intended to be transferable to neighborhoods throughout the city.
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