Stronger, Healthier Cities through Trees: A Resource Guide

Atlanta (August 1, 2007)- The Home Depot Foundation has released Stronger, Healthier Cities through Trees: A Resource Guide in three parts. The Guide makes the case for greener cities, presents a strategy for growing with trees, offers some successful policies and programs for urban forestry, features community forestry case studies, and provides various other resources and contacts.

This resource is available at The Home Depot Foundation’s website along with these other resources:
* Stronger, Healthier Cities Through Tree Guide: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
* Responsible Building: Providing Choices_Presentation
* TREES Make Dollars and Sense
* BUILDING GREEN Makes Dollars and Sense
* A Celebration of Leadership: The Home Depot Foundation 2006 Annual Report
* A New View on Building Healthy Communities: The Home Depot Foundation 2005 Annual Report
* Awards of Excellence for Affordable Housing Built Responsibly
* Awards of Excellence for Community Trees
To learn more, visit The Home Depot Foundation.