Tree Emergency Manual for Public Officials

By Jerry Bond and Frances Tucker
Rochester, NY (August 1, 2000)- This Emergency Tree Manual is designed to be a practical short guide to managing disastrous tree damage, accompanied by a set of critical documents and standards called the Tree Emergency Compendium. Its focus is upon urban forests in the public realm, where questions of safety and cost are critical, and its target audience is public tree managers. To facilitate access to and speed through the document, it has been written in outline form. For more detail or explanation, readers are referred to publications listed under Printed Resources.

The Manual and the Compendium will be stored at the USDA Forest Service’s Northeast Center for Urban and Community Forestry in Amherst MA, at offices of participating state urban and community forestry coordinators, and at the FEMA Region 1 and Region 2 offices in Boston and New York. Both documents will also be posted on the web site of the Northeast Center for Urban and Community Forestry, where they will be updated periodically as needed.
Funding for this Manual was provided by the USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area, with special monies appropriated by Congress after 1998 ice storm in northern New York and New England. Grant definition, award, and administration were carried out through the USDA Northeast Center for Urban and Community Forestry. This document was produced by personnel of the Community Forestry Education Project, located at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County, 249 Highland Ave, Rochester NY 14620-3036. Primary responsibility lies with Jerry Bond, Community Forester, whose work was made much easier by the creative and unfailing support of Frances Tucker, Program Assistant.

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