Tree Volume Equations for California Trees

By Norman H. Pillsbury, Jeffrey L. Reimer, and Richard P. Thompson
San Luis Obispo, CA (June 1, 1998)- As communities strive for sustainability in their urban forestry programs, increased attention must be paid to the wood resource of the urban forest. This research was conducted to create a series of volume studies, such as diameter, height, and age of urban forest species to further develop management inventories in cities for the purpose of promoting sustainable urban forests.

These measures can then be combined with other quantitative and qualitative measures such as species, location, health and vigor rating, expected life and past treatments to establish a database which will form the foundation for wood marketing, policymaking, and public relations activities.
Although considerable resources must be committed to designing and maintaining these comprehensive urban forest inventories, long-term benefits including a healthy urban forest that is both biologically and economically sound, will more than justify the expense through improved forest management, regularized maintenance, and new funding sources. It is these outcomes that the urban forester can point to as evidence of sustainable management.
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