Using TIFs, Special Districts, and Other Public Finance Tools to Spur Smart Growth

Washington, DC (February 8, 2008)- State and local governments are increasingly using financing tools such as tax increment financing (TIF), land-secured bonds, and community development districts to incentivize and fund the construction of residential and mixed-use projects in targeted growth areas. While tools such as TIF have historically been used to alleviate urban blight, they are now being applied to suburban greenfield and redevelopment projects as well. Hear how the public and private sectors are collaborating to use these tools creatively to leverage investment.

Debbie Bassert, Assistant Staff Vice President, Land Use Policy, National Association of Home Builders
Greg LeRoy, Executive Director, Good Jobs First
Councilor Michael J. Cadigan, City of Albuquerque, NM
Ken Powell, Managing Director, Public Finance, Stone & Youngberg LLD
About New Partners for Smart Growth
The 2008 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference in Washington, DC, hosted attendance of more than 1300 people from across the country for three full days of presentations, discussions, and information sharing. The conference was produced by the Local Government Commission (LGC), with support from a very impressive and multi-disciplinary group of partners and sponsoring organizations, agencies and companies.
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