Working with Wal-Mart

A while back, some members sought information to help with Wal-Mart negotiations in their communities. Here are some recent resources on the topic.

Co-op America Quarterly, No. 68, Spring 2006
“Beyond the Walmart Economy” – available for bulk purchase
Many of these sites take a pretty hard line against development, but include tools or data that can be useful to building your case. The best answer to Wal-Mart or any other business is to have comprehensive landscape, design, and preservation standards in place that apply equally to all new development.
One of my favorite resources is the booklet “Better Models for Commercial Development”, which includes a beautiful Wal-Mart from Colorado. To enter a lucrative market, Wal-Mart had to create a design that met community design standards – so they did.
That booklet can be found by clicking here.
This is the kind of booklet that works well for distributing to your zoning board members, city council, or other decision makers.