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The Tree Library features a compendium of books and guides related to trees and tree care.  Click on the link to take you to more information about the book and how to purchase or locate at your local library.  If there’s a book you think we should add, please contact us.

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U-Find Urban Forestry Index

The U.S. Forest Service U-Find Urban Forestry Index is a searchable index of urban forestry and arboriculture publications and other media (videos, websites, and posters).   This database can be searched by topic, author, title, description, or keyword.

Field Guides and General Reference

Trees of the Northern United States and Canada
John Laird Farrar. [1040]

A Beginner’s Guide to Minnesota Trees
Abstract of an article you can order from the University of Minnesota Extension Service. [309]

A Field Guide to Eastern Trees : Eastern United States and Canada
George A. Petrides. From the Peterson Field Guide series. “An authoritative book that includes every tree that grows wild in eastern North America, north to the Arctic Ocean and south to the Gulf Coast [1012]

A Field Guide to Western Trees : Western United States and Canada (Peterson Field Guide)
George A. Petrides, Olivia Petrides (Illustrator). In the Peterson Field Guide series. “…includes all the native and naturalized trees of western North America, from the arctic treeline in Alaska and Canada to northern Mexico.” Book News, Inc. [1014]

A Guide to the Trees of Utah and the Intermountain West
Michael Kuhns. This guide to virtually every native and introduced tree species in the intermountain area includes a dichotomous key, detailed b&w drawings for identification, a guide to tree selection, and a few color photos. [1666]

A Natural History of Trees of Eastern and Central North America
Donald Culross Peattie. [1015]

A Natural History of Western Trees
Donald Culross Peattie. [1016]

Alaska Trees and Shrubs
Leslie A. Viereck and Elbert Little, Jr. (Special Order) A guide to identification. [934]

Champion Trees of Washington State
Robert Van Pelt. [935]

City of Trees: The Complete Field Guide to the Trees of Washington, D.C.
Melanie Choukas-Bradley and Polly Alexander. [936]

Conifers: The Illustrated Encyclopedia
D. M. Van Gelderen, et al. “Compiled by two of the world’s authorities on the subject, this book is the most complete collection of photographs of conifers ever assembled.” Timber Press. [1017]

Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
Michael A. Dirr. [1018]

Easy Field Guide to Common Trees of Arizona
Sharon Nelson and Richard Nelson. [937]

Exceptional Trees of Los Angeles
Donald R. Hodel. (Special Order) [939]

Eyewitness: Tree (Eyewitness Books)
David Burnie. “Photographs and text explore the anatomy and life cycle of trees, examining the different kinds of bark, seeds, and leaves, the commercial processing of trees to make lumber, the creatures that live in trees, and other aspects.” [1036]

Familiar Trees of North America: Western Region
(The Audubon Society Pocket Guides). Jerry Franklin. They may not be as extensive as the full-fledged Audubon Society guides, but these pocket guides are great to take on your morning walk. [1020]

Famous Trees of Texas
John A. Haislet, Editor. [940]

Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas
Andrew Henderson, et al. “A monumental scientific achievement. At the same time, it is so clearly and attractively presented that it will be of great use to nonbotanists.” American Reference Books Annual. [1021]

Florida’s Fabulous Trees: Their Stories
Winston Williams Published 1985. [941]

Forest Leaves: How to Identify Trees and Shrubs of Northern New England
Henry Ives Baldwin (special order). [1022]

Forest and Shade Trees of Iowa
Peter J. Van Der Linden and Donald R. Farrar. (Special Order) [942]

Garden Trees (Eyewitness Handbooks)
You know what you want, but you’re not sure what it’s called. Eyewitness Garden Handbooks solve this problem via lavishly illustrated user-friendly coverage of every type of garden plant. [1254]

Graced by Pines: The Ponderosa Pine in the American West
Alexandra Murphy, Robert Petty (Illustrator). A collection of intriguing essays on the Ponderosa Pine, native traditions, forestry, and the web of life. [100]

Guide to Southern Trees
Ellwood Scott Harrar. [946]

Hortus Third: A Concise Dictionary of Plants Cultivated in the United States and Canada
A Concise Dictionary of Plants Cultivated in the United States and Canada. This definitive reference on cultivated plants covers over 23,000 entries with descriptions for families, genera, and species. Includes illustrations, general articles and a glossary. [1023]

An Instant Guide to Trees
Eleanor Lawrence and Pamela Forey. An identification handbook. [1024]

Manual of the Trees of North America (Exclusive of Mexico), Vol 2
Charles Sprague Sargent. [1025]

Maples of the World
P.C. De Jong, et al. “International experts worked for nearly two decades to produce this greatest single source of information on maples. Every known maple is described, including growth habit, hardiness, and autumn color.” Timber Press [1028]

Michigan Trees: A Guide to the Trees of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region
Burton Verne Barnes. [947]

Peterson First Guide to Trees
George A. Petrides. [106]

Physiology of Trees
A.S. Raghavendra (Editor). Leading tree physiologists, the world over, have written a series of articles providing a comprehensive review of important aspects regarding this timely subject. [1230]

Physiology of Woody Plants
Stephen G. Pallardy and Theodore T. Kozlowski. Provides students of plant physiology with updated coverage of current research into woody plants. Book News, Inc. [1231]

Roadside Trees and Shrubs of Oklahoma
Doyle McCoy. [949]

Street Tree Factsheets (Agrs Series; No 56)
Henry D. Gerhold, et al. [1341]

Street Trees: A Manual for Municipalities
Richard D. Schein. (Special Order) [1342]

Successful Gardening: A-Z of Deciduous Trees and Shrubs
Descriptions of hundreds of trees and shrubs provide the details to make informed choices when planning landscapes. [35]

Taylor’s Guide to Trees (Taylor’s Guides to Gardening)
Norman Taylor. [36]

Texas Trees: A Friendly Guide
Patty Leslie and Paul W. Cox. [950]

Textbook of Dendrology (McGraw-Hill Series in Forest Resources)
William M. Harlow (Editor), et al. [1343]

The 100 Best Trees and Shrubs: A Practical Encyclopedia
Providing valuable tips on selecting everything from a decorative border shrub to a large tree that will dominate the landscape, the author of The 400 Best Garden Plants describes the one hundred best trees and shrubs for the garden [37]

The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees: Eastern Region

The Illustrated Book of Trees: The Comprehensive Field Guide to More Than 450 Trees of Eastern North America
William Carey Grimm. [1033]

The Natural History of the Oak Tree: An Intricate Visual Exploration of the Oak and Its Environment
Richard Lewington and David Streeter Out of Print). “This visual exploration of the oak tree and all its interdependent life forms provides comprehensive facts on hundreds of birds, butterflies, fungi, lichen, and mammals.” [1034]

The Physiological Ecology of Woody Plants
Theodore T. Kozlowski, et al. [1232]

The Tree Identification Book
George Wellington Dillingham Symonds. [1035]

The Trees of Florida: A Reference and Field Guide
Gil Nelson. [951]

Tree Anatomy
Alex L. Shigo. [1233]

Tree Basics: What Every Person Needs to Know About Trees
Alex L. Shigo. (Special Order) [42]

Tree Climbers’ Guide
Sharon Lilly, Todd Moell (Illustrator). (Special Order) [1318]

Trees & Shrubs of Kentucky
Mary E. Wharton and Roger W. Barbour. [953]

Trees: A Guide to Familiar American Trees (Golden Guides)
Herbert Spencer Zim and Alexander C. Martin. A field guide designed for kids or beginners. Pictures of 143 common trees, identifying their leaves, flowers, buds, shapes, and fruits. [117]

Trees and Shrubs for Pacific Northwest Gardens
John A. Grant, et al. [955]

Trees and Shrubs for Temperate Climates
Gordon Courtright. “A classic for gardeners in western North America, this book was originally created by the author to show customers at his garden center what woody plants available in the trade would become in some years’ time. Well, the future is [1255]

Trees and Shrubs of Virginia
Oscar W. Gupton. (out of print) [956]

Trees of Central Texas
Robert A. Vines. [957]

Trees of East Texas
Robert A. Vines. (on back order) [958]

Trees of Georgia and Adjacent States
Claud L. Brown and L. Katherine Kirkman. (out of print) [959]

Trees of Greater Portland
Phyllis C. Reynolds and Elizabeth F. Dimon. [960]

Trees of North America (Science Nature Guides)
Angel Royston (Editor), David More (Illustrator). (out of print) [118]

Trees of North America and Europe: A Photographic Guide to More Than 500 Trees
Roger Phillips. [1038]

Trees of Northern Florida
Herman Kurz and Robert K. Godfrey. [962]

Trees of the Eastern and Central United States and Canada
William Morehouse Harlow. [1039]

Trees, Shrubs and Vines: A Pictorial Guide to the Ornamental Woody Plants of the Northern United States
Arthur T. Viertel. [1041]

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Planting, Pruning and Tree Care

Trees for Urban and Suburban Landscapes: An Illustrated Guide to Pruning
Edward F. Gilman. [1351]

Tree Maintenance
J.R. Hartman, et al. Tree Maintenance has been the definitive source on maintenance of North American landscape trees for over forty years, an essential reference not only for arborists, nurserymen, and landscape architects, but for all homeowners who want to keep their trees healthy and pest-free. [43]

All About Pruning
Charles Deaton. [23]

Diseases of Trees and Shrubs
Wayne A. Sinclair, et al. [154]

Grow Your Own Trees: A Book & Seeds
Tony Secunda and John Dyson. “Offers detailed instructions on how to plant and care for three types of trees, including a paper birch, northern white cedar, and Colorado blue spruce, and is accompanied by a package of seeds for each type of tree.” [102]

Growing Family Fruit and Nut Trees
Marian Van Atta, Shirley L. Wagner (Illustrator). [26]

Growth Control in Woody Plants (Physiological Ecology)
Theodore T. Kozlowski and Stephen G. Pallardy. The processes and mechanisms that control the growth of woody plants [1229]

Hardy Trees and Shrubs: A Guide to Disease-Resistant Varieties for the North
Robert Osborne, Beth Powning Photographer. (out of print) “Northern and cold-climate gardeners will welcome this region-specific guide which features over a hundred varieties of sturdy shrubs and trees which can be grown in the North.” Midwest Book Review [103]

Insects That Feed on Trees and Shrubs
Warren T. Johnson, Howard H. Lyon. [1168]

Introduction to Forest and Shade Tree Insects
Pedro Barbosa and Michael R. Wagner. (Out of Print ) [1169]

Modern Arboriculture: A Systems Approach to the Care of Trees and Their Associates
Alex L. Shigo. (Special Order) [3]

Plant a Tree: Choosing, Planting, and Maintaining This Precious Resource
Michael A. Weiner. A newer (1992) edition of this classic, first printed in 1975. [1235]

Pruning: A Practical Guide
Peter McHoy. “A sensible guide to pruning demonstrates how to successfully prune hundreds of shrubs, trees, and climbers, enhancing the health and beauty of each.” [30]

Pruning Handbook
John K. McClements. Produced by Sunset Publishing. (out of print) [31]

Pruning Simplified
An easy to follow update of the classic text by Lewis Hill (out of print). [32]

The Backyard Orchardist: A Complete Guide to Growing Fruit Trees in the Home Garden
Stella Otto. [38]

The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers
George E. Brown. “Now back in print, with an updated nomenclature and a new foreword by John Bryan, this unique encyclopedia details the best pruning methods for nearly 450 genera.” Timber Press [40]

Tree Disease Concepts
Paul D. Manion. (Special Order) “…Emphasizes a basic biological understanding of disease systems, the ecological role of disease and the economic interaction of disease in forest and urban management systems.” Prentice-Hall [155]

Tree Diseases and Disorders: Causes, Biology, and Control in Forest and Amenity Trees
Heinz Butin, et al. (currently out of print) [156]

Tree Form, Size and Colour: A Guide to Selection, Planting and Design
Bodfan Gruffydd. Reprint of the 1987 original. [111]

Tree Growth and Environmental Stresses (The Geo. S. Long Publication Series)
T. T. Kozlowski. (Out of Print) [1348]

Tree Mycoplasma and Mycoplasma Diseases
Churi Hiruki. (Special Order) [157]

Tree Pruning: A Worldwide Photo Guide
Alex L. Shigo. (Special Order) [44]

Tree Root Systems and Their Mycorrhizas
D. Atkinson. (Special Order) [45]

Tree Workers Manual
S. Lilly. (Special Order) [1349]

Virus Diseases of Trees and Shrubs
J.I. Cooper. (Special Order) [158]

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Landscaping and Gardening

A Guide to Site Planning and Landscape Construction
Harvey M. Rubenstein. “This complete revision of the classic, Site and Environmental Planning, presents design elements and introductory technical site planning information in a clear, concise, and visual format so that creative talent may be used to its [1326]

Arboriculture: Integrated Management of Landscape Trees, Shrubs, and Vines
Richard W. Harris.   “Aims to…improve the ability of horticulturists to analyze problems and practices, and help them more effectively integrate the management of the environment and maintenance of landscape plants.” Book News, Inc. [1]

Better Homes and Gardens Step-By-Step Successful Gardening: Trees and Shrubs
Catriona Tudor Erler. [24]

Gardening in the South With Don Hastings: Trees, Shrubs and Lawns
Don Hastings. One reader’s response: “Live down South? Got a yard? Better buy this book!” [25]

Landscape Ecology and Geographic Information Systems
Roy Haines-Young (Editor). (Special Order) “Reviews and debates the new analytical tools being employed by landscape ecologists.” Book News, Inc. [1336]

Landscaping Illustrated
by Sunset Books [1749]

Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses
Michael A. Dirr. [1027]

North American Landscape Trees
Arthur Lee Jacobson, Michael C. Lee (Illustrator). “Over 5,000 different kinds of trees are listed in a title which provides excellent information on cold-hardy trees. Included in each tree’s listing are background history, common and scientific names. [28]

North American Plantfile: A Visual Guide to Plant Selection for Use in Landscape Design
Gary L. Hightshoe, Harlen D. Groe. “A boon to landscape architects, architects, and planners looking to make cost effective plant use decisions, this user-friendly, pictorial guide classifies the environmental suitability, aesthetic qualities, cultural … [948]

Northeastern Garden Book
A Sunset Garden book. Halpin (Editor) [1747]

Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs: An Integrated Pest Management Guide
Steve H. Dreistadt, Jack Kelly Clark (Photographer). Published by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. [1170]

Photographic Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: Form and Function in the Landscape
Michael A. Dirr. [1338]

Planting Design: A Manual of Theory and Practice
William R. Nelson. (Special Order) [1339]

Planting Trees and Shrubs for Small Spaces: A Magnificent Selection of Dependable Plants for Year-Round Interest in the Garden
David Papworth and Noel Prockter (out of print). [1236]

Shrubs & Trees (The Best of Fine Gardening)
Eighteen articles (from a magazine that began publication in 1988) profile particular plants, with information on cultivation, their use in the landscape, and recommended varieties. Thoroughly illustrated with color photos for spring-dreaming gardeners. [33]

Southern Living Garden Guide: Trees
Glenn Morris, Lois Trigg Chaplin (Editor). “In this volume, the editors of Southern Living help readers determine which varieties are best suited for specific uses and conditions.” [34]

The Hillier Gardener’s Guide to Trees & Shrubs (Reader’s Digest)
John Kelly and John Hillier (editors). “More than three thousand photographs are included in a reference guide to matching the right trees and shrubs with the right conditions and climate, accompanied by helpful tips on how to pick out the healthiest plan [39]

The Year in Trees: Superb Woody Plants for Four-Season Gardens
Kim E. Tripp and J. C. Raulston. “The Year in Trees looks beyond the old standards of trees, shrubs, and vines that dominate our landscapes. Authors J. C. Raulston and Kim Tripp participated in the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Arboretum’s t [41]

The New Western Garden Book
A Sunset Garden Book. Kathleen Norris Brenzel (Editor) [1746]
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Urban Forestry and Sustainable Communities

A Photographic Guide to the Evaluation of Hazard Trees in Urban Areas
Nelda P. Matheny and James R. Clark.

Building Greener Neighborhoods: Trees As Part of the Plan
Jack Petit, et al. [1327]

Cooling Our Communities: A Guidebook on Tree Planting and Light-Colored Surfacing
Hashem Akbari (Editor), et al. (Special Order) [1329]

Data Analysis in Community and Landscape Ecology
R.H.G. Jongman, et al. (Special Order) “A corrected fourth printing providing a synthesis of useful methods of ecological data analysis….Includes examples, exercises, and case studies.” Book News, Inc. [1330]

Green Cities: Ecologically Sound Approaches to Urban Space
David Gordon (Editor). (Special Order) [1331]

Greenways: A Guide to Planning, Design, and Development
Charles A. Flink, et al. “Greenways–linear open spaces that preserve and restore nature in cities, suburbs, and rural areas–are proving to be the most innovative land protection concept of the decade.” [943]

Greenways for America
Charles E. Little. [1332]

Growing Greener Cities: A Tree-Planting Handbook
Gary Moll, et al. “The nation’s leading authority on urban forestry helps readers bring shade, greenery, and fresh air to their neighborhoods, with suggestions on which trees to plant where, when, and how.” [27]

Land Use and Forest Resources in a Changing Environment: The Urban/Forest Interface
Gordon A. Bradley (Editor). (Special Order) [1335]

Shading Our Cities: A Resource Guide for Urban and Community Forests
Gary Moll, Sara Ebenreck (Editor). “A sound overview of urban forestry with case studies of many cities. Accessible to the lay reader.” Book News, Inc. [1340]

The Ecological City Preserving and Restoring Urban Biodiversity
Rutherford H. Platt (Editor), et al. “Natural scientists, activists, and policy makers discuss open space, wetlands, trees and forests, wildflower meadows, dunes, flood-control policies, endangered species, and other topics.” Book News, Inc. [1344]

The Ecology of Urban Habitats
O.L. Gilbert. “Describes the ecology of plants and animals in such familiar habitats as parks, gardens, cemeteries, wastelands, railways, roads, and canals.” Book News, Inc. [1345]

The Urban Forest: Comprehensive Management
Gene W. Grey. “This superlative guide expands on five basic themes: consideration of the entire urban forestry environment, the essential elements of comprehensive management, recognition of the needs of the total urban forest, application of appropriate [1347]

The Urban Tree Book: An Uncommon Field Guide for City and Town
Arthur Plotnik, Mary H. Phelan (Illustrator). An information-rich, entertaining guide to some 50 common urban trees. [1665]

Trees for Architecture and Landscape
Robert L. Zion. “A book about trees whose structure, habit, and other characteristics make them especially useful to architects.” Book News, Inc. [1350]

Trees for Urban and Suburban Landscapes
Edward F. Gilman and Edward E. Gilman. [1352]

Trees in Urban Design
Henry F. Arnold. “The second edition includes new chapters on recently improved urban tree-planting techniques, and the economics and management of urban forestry.” Book News, Inc. [1355]

U.S. Landscape Ordinances: An Annotated Reference Handbook
D. Gail Abbey, Buck Abbey. This comprehensive reference brings together and explains the planning ordinances which govern the landscapes of 300 U.S. cities. In it, the author demystifies the complex planning laws that regulate such areas as the design of parking lots, vehicular use areas, landscape buffers, and tree plantings. [1667]

Urban Forest Landscapes: Integrating Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Gordon A. Bradley (Editor). Contributions by twenty experts in the field. [1356]

Urban Forestry: Planning and Managing Urban Greenspaces
Robert W. Miller. “Using both qualitative and quantitative perspectives, this text discusses the uses and values of urban trees, forests, and other open spaces, and explains — in depth — how to plan for and manage them.” Prentice-Hall [1357]

Urban Forestry
Gene W. Grey and Frederick J. Deneke. (Special Order) [1358]

Urban Soil in Landscape Design
Phillip J. Craul. “Presents essential information on the fundamental properties of soils and how they are affected under urban conditions.” John Wiley and Sons [1277]

Urban Trees: A Guide for Selection, Maintenance, and Master Planning
Leonard E., Jr. Phillips. “A comprehensive handbook for people involved in municipal forestry programs.” Book News, Inc. [1359]

Wildlife Reserves and Corridors in the Urban Environment: A Guide to Ecological Landscape Planning and Resource Conservation
Lowell W. Adams, et al. [1361]

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Children’s Books

Crinkleroot’s Guide to Knowing the Trees
Jim Arnosky. For ages 5-10. “Crinkleroot invites youngsters to chart the growth of trees, examining their roots, leaves, stems, and seeds, discussing identification and explaining why all trees have individual shapes and stories.” [99]

A Gift of a Tree/Book and Tree Starter Kit
Greg Henry Quinn, Ronda Krum (Illustrator). For ages 4-8. “Complete with seeds, propagation soil, container, and directions–and a description of all the wonderful gifts that trees give to life.” [98]

Grand Trees of America: Our State and Champion Trees
Lisa Jorgenson. A book for children about trees that inspire awe. [101]

Learning About Leaves
Dot Barlowe. For children ages 4-8. [104]

Once Upon a Tree: Life from Treetop to Root Tips
James B. Nardi (Illustrator). A great exploration of the life in, on and around trees, for kids and their parents. [105]

Picture Guide to Tree Leaves
Raymond Wiggers. For ages 9-12. (out of print) [107]

Trees (Eyewitness Explorers)
Linda Gamlin. Designed for ages 4-8. “See trees up close in vivid detail, with an abundance of detailed information to match.” [113]

Trees (Focus On)
Anita Ganeri. Designed for ages 9-12. “Discusses the physical appearance, growth, reproduction, and basic varieties of trees. Includes projects on growing seeds, surveying trees, and making leaf rubbings.” (out of print) [114]

Trees (See for Yourself)
Karen Bryant-Mole, Barrie Watts (Photographer). Designed for ages 4-8. Clear color photographs and straightforward texts introduce flowers and trees. [116]

Harry Behn, James Endicott (Illustrator). An illustrated poem celebrating the importance of trees, for ages 4-8. [119]

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Arboriculture and the Law
Victor D. Merrullo. (Special Order) Published by the International Society of Arboriculture. [2]

Cognition and Environment: Functioning in an Uncertain World
by Stephen Kaplan, Rachel Kaplan [1755]

Fundraising: Hands-On Tactics for Nonprofit Groups
Peter L. Edles, L. Peter Edles. “This hands-on operations manual …[shows] nonprofit professionals and volunteers how to design and run successful fundraising campaigns for their organizations.” [284]

The Art of Fund Raising
Irving R. Warner. An excellent reference work that goes beyond a “cookie cutter” approach. (currently out of stock) [285]

How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation (How to Form Your Own Nonprofit Corporation, 4th Ed)
Anthony Mancuso
a popular and definitive guide for arts groups, educators, social service agencies, environmentalists and anyone who wants to start a nonprofit organization. It shows step-by-step how to form and operate a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation in all 50 states. [1570]

Managing a Nonprofit Organization in the Twenty-First Century
Thomas Wolf, Barbara Carter
Now updated and revised, this “bible” for nonprofit organizations focuses on recent changes and pinpoints their impact on staffing, governance, and fund-raising. 30 charts. 12 line drawings. [1571]

How to Save Your Neighborhood, City, or Town: The Sierra Club Guide to Community Organizing
Maritza Pick. “An excellent source for concerned citizens who want to do more than just voice their frustrations . . . who want to make a difference.” Mike Thompson, California State Senator. [1333]

Red Oaks and Black Birches: The Science and Lore of Trees
Rebecca Rupp (out of print). [1030]

The Experience of Nature: A Psychological Perspective
by Rachel Kaplan, Stephen Kaplan [1754]

Green Nature/Human Nature: The Meaning of Plants in Our Lives (The Environment and the Human Condition)by Charles A. Lewis [1756]

Harvesting Urban Timber: A Guide to Making Better Use of Urban Trees
Just imagine how good you might feel to know unwanted urban tree waste can now be harvested and used by woodworkers to make furniture instead of ending up in a landfill…the first complete text on the subject of urban wood harvesting. [2577]

The Man Who Planted Trees
Jean Giono. “A compelling story of a simple man who eases his grief over the loss of his family by planting enough acorns to create a forest in a barren area of France.” [110]

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