Neighborhood Trees Project

(Portland, OR) Neighborhood Trees (NT) is a key program of Friends of Trees (FOT) in Portland, Oregon.

NT plants trees in over 60 underserved communities, increasing canopy cover on streets and in schools and yards. FOT has worked for sixteen years, leveraging public-private partnerships in order to bring together diverse neighborhood residents-businesses, local organizations, and individuals-with local government to increase the tree canopy and improve environmental and social conditions within the community. NT plants trees from November through April, organizing neighborhood tree-planting events nearly every weekend, particularly in low-income areas of the city with little tree canopy. During the late spring and summer, NT works with volunteers to inventory and monitor trees, plans the next tree-planting season, recruits volunteers, works with the city to select tree species and site locations, and performs neighborhood assessments in order to equitably increase tree canopy throughout the city.
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