Tree Planting Program

(Davenport, Iowa) The City of Davenport conducted a tree inventory in the early 1980s and found it was in decline, largely due to disease and neglect.

In response, the City initiated the Davenport Tree Planting Program, an exemplary public-private partnership with a committed, long-term volunteer advocate base and a dedicated staff. A comprehensive City-wide initiative, this program has brought the benefits of trees to residential, business, industrial and park areas. The Tree Program organizes both a spring and fall planting, and has planted over 8,500 trees since 1992. In addition, it has created a tree-planting system that addresses the impact of new development areas within the City. By coordinating human, political, and financial resources, the Tree Planting Program has been able to make great strides towards its goal of restocking Davenport’s urban forest by the year 2010.
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