Watershed 263 Project

(Baltimore, Maryland) The Watershed 263 project (WS263) comprises a long-term effort to utilize urban forestry to improve water quality, revitalize inner-city neighborhoods and enhance quality of life in these communities.

The project is a joint effort of Baltimore City Department of Public Works and Parks and People Foundation. Within Watershed 263 are eight outstanding projects that reflect the effort of extensive partnerships among the City of Baltimore, Parks & People Foundation, Baltimore Ecosystem Study, U.S. Forest Service (USFS), Maryland Port Administration and others. Results of the projects include increased tree cover, maintenance of trees along a “greenway,” cleaner vacant lots and tree wells, and asphalt removal and greening at local schools. These projects translate into greater community awareness and stewardship, improved water quality and environmental conditions, enhanced community parks and open spaces, community revitalization, increased economic development, healthier communities, and numerous educational and recreational opportunities, among other benefits.
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