Community Outreach

Outreach is critical to sustain and expand programs and activities that engage all community members. New voices, new perspectives, and new populations of community residents bring life to any initiative.

Take the opportunity to iden­tify, under­stand, and involve varied pop­u­la­tions when plan­ning and executing any community activity or service.

  • Learn more about the cultures represented in your area.
  • Cultivate relationships and target communications.
  • Develop out­reach efforts and a work envi­ron­ment that iden­ti­fies, under­stands, and involves the diver­sity in your community.

Download Outreach Services Strategies for All Communities Guide.

Funds for this publication were provided by the National Association of State Foresters through a grant from the USDA Forest Service. A special thank you to the state and federal agencies for photographic images contained in this document.

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