Fundraising is as simple as one person asking another to get involved, provide help, take a stand, join a movement.  It feels good to give.

The most important ingredient in fundraising is passion for your organization’s mission.  Use that passion to identify prospective donors, build relationships, and create projects that will make others want to contribute.   Get the steps and strategies to:

  • Effectively “tell your story.”
  • Develop fundable projects.
  • Research prospective funders.
  • Make the “ask.”
  • Integrate fundraising throughout the organization.

Download Fundrais­ing and Development: Finding Funds for Community Projects

This resource is part of the Community Tree Leadership Forum Core Modules.  In partnership with the National Arbor Day Foun­da­tion and the USDA Forest Service, the Alliance for Com­mu­nity Trees devel­oped a train­ing program to increase the impact of non­prof­its, service groups, vol­un­teer coor­di­na­tors, and com­mu­nity orga­niz­ers engaged in urban and com­mu­nity forestry.

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