Partnerships and Collaboration

Get bigger results from working together. That’s the purpose of community partnerships.

Collaboration is a powerful strategy to leverage a greater number of voices, resources, and volunteers around a specific goal or activity.  Partners help ramp up the volume on issues that are important to your mission.

Working together, your organization can maximize funding or in-kind resource, expand outreach, increase media coverage, improve program impact, mobilize more volunteers, build a stronger and bigger base of information, increase public policy success, and influence the public debate.

Start now.  Download Part­ner­ships and Collaboration: Bigger Results from Working Together

This resource is part of the Community Tree Leadership Forum Core Modules.  In partnership with the National Arbor Day Foun­da­tion and the USDA Forest Service, the Alliance for Com­mu­nity Trees devel­oped a train­ing program to increase the impact of non­prof­its, service groups, vol­un­teer coor­di­na­tors, and com­mu­nity orga­niz­ers engaged in urban and com­mu­nity forestry.

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